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Twitter Marketing Services

The platform of the socialite crowd, Twitter offers advertising options with quirky but focused features setting it apart from other social media platform services. Yes, the crowd is much less than Facebook, but there’s a prestigious crowd frequenting Twitter, who you can use to work your marketing strategies. That’s called opportunity and that is exactly why we offer it inside our gold mining package.
twitter marketing agency

Marketing Chrome is a Twitter Marketing Agency as well

We will spend your advertising fee efficiently

Social media advertising also referred to as SMM is one of the best available forms of advertising designed to promote your business.

Averagely, your business can get across to nearly 1,000 people by spending $4. Our social media advertising (SMM) services are thrice less expensive compared to the traditional SMM.

Advertise to your target audience

Like anything else, internet Social media advertising is highly beneficial because you can easily spot and locate your desired target audience. We will get across to them through the following means:

  • Email list files: we will initiate a customized ad through the email list you will send to us, we will then target customers/leads from emails if you have any.
  • Demographics: Based on people’s interests and online behaviors, we will run laser-targeted ads to them. We’ll also aim at specific locations, ages, income levels and a lot more.
  • Traffic generation through website visitors: we will add retargeting pixels to your website afterward we will advertise to visitors that last paid a visit to your website. Only 1-3% of the people that enter your website are typically converted on the first visit. We’ll drastically increase the rate of conversions on your website through an installed pixel.

An escalation to party!

Twitter Marketing is not just about brand awareness, it’s about impression enhancement as well.
Collaborate with Marketing Chrome to communicate your brand to your potential clients in the right way. Spell out your ethos and brand personality and cultivate your own community.

Twitter for Marketing

Why Twitter?

Twitter isn’t anything cheap. You got to be cautious but not be afraid at the same time. That is why it is best to lay the task on the hands of experts and our talking results are the reason why we recommend and use twitter for marketing.

You are likely to make mistakes, but experts find other ways.

Despite its limitations in marketing, Twitter calls forth Social Media Marketing and that is not a platform you can say no or skip today. It is a platform that creates conversation. People update their life there, and so can you find a better place from where you can hoard all the customer insights?

With Twitter, it’s a happening day every day.

What methods would you attribute to tack yourself to those happening days of Twitter? Wondering? Well, don’t! It’s our job! We bring you the strategy followed by jaw-dropping results.

Whatever the platform is, it’s all about strategizing. We make our technics speak, once we launch our plan. And yes, every business is unique and so are the platforms. That’s why we don’t repeat the exact same blue-print but personalize it to go on par with your business.

why use twitter for marketing

Facebook by Numbers

Facebook has


billion daily active users

The average user spends


minutes per day on Facebook

Despite this, only


of marketers think their Facebook efforts are effective

Marketing Chrome for Twitter Marketing

Strategic Planning

Every agency speaks of strategy. But that’s exactly where we stand out. Ours is always result-oriented.

From the scratch

Is yours an eligible account for campaign launching? We start with step one. Let us create your eye catching account easily allowed to run campaigns.

Twitter hashtags

Wondered what can possibly make your brand be seen among that whopping crowd? We cherry-pick the on-target hashtag for you.

Social Spot-light

A platform for regular political and social discourse. We keep the tab open to join your brand to the hot topics.

Metrix analysis

Metrics foresee the future. We anticipate the Twitter impact on your brand every month to fuel the next step.


Our principles call forth transparency. We design and document the analytics and strategies for your perusal and approval.

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